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03 January 2019

It seems having some time off is good for me. Resting over the Xmas period and New Year has brought some exciting developments. Like finding a 2m long Eastern Brown snake skin outside our back door to farmhouse this morning. This is only extraordinary as the snake skin has the eye sockets pealed over and was still damp, meaning it was probably shed last night. Seems the snake used the rough branches of a bush to wrap itself around and pull itself out of the skin. We've had a few baby browns found around the house, but this one was definitely the largest. Ok here's the photos.

And following on from that the next animal exploit is that Ruby is in heat. Yes we have a 10 month old Labrador that wants to have babies. But she's not allowed to yet as she is way too young. So cooped up inside her large steel cage, with Rex on other side, has been the method of separation for them for last 3 weeks. Then yesterday I let them both off out for a walk together, somethin…

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