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15 September 2018

Does bad luck come in threes? Or is it just an old wives tale? Just as we anticipate the exciting arrival of new babies on the farm (of the feathered variety) my other furry babies are both ''in the wars''.
Rex has developed an infection between his toes; a cystic response to ingrown hairs. Its common in Labradors, so the vet tells me and something that will take a few months to fix with washes, creams and antibiotics - plus the cone of shame. Yes that horrible plastic cone dogs have to wear to stop them licking or scratching at an injury. (I'm sure he tells Ruby to chew at it.)

And then Ruby has developed a limp. At first I thought it would resolve itself naturally, but as the weeks have gone on she has limped at end of the day more and more. So with the vets advice she and Rex are now tied up for most of the day; Rex to keep him out of the dam to stop wet feet and Ruby for bed rest....until she took the opportunity this morning to run off for a …

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