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11 November 2018

Good God is it really November already??
Ok I’m here. I’m tired but I’m here. When I mentioned two weeks ago that I’d been busy, well that was just the practice run..... this week has been crazy. I’ve just got home from a two day Organic Farming Conference ....totally amazing. My head is spinning.

So it looks like we are now going to host another Natural Farming Conference here on the farm in April next year. Which for the fun of teasing my stressed out head is ?!()%€¥# weeks away and may also have guest speakers from Sydney University..... holy shit.
Then in May next year there’s a level one Natural Farming course over 5 on Farm too.
Pffft - pop ....that was my brain imploding.

Anyway despite the frantic level of admin going on here I think the farm is still ok, but as it’s pitch black right now I won’t know till 5:00am ish.

The dogs were happy to see me, as I am to see my bed. And to close my eyes. Which I nearly did while driving....eek. That’s what ha…

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